Personalizing information for consumers to find the right card

DIrector of UX

This case study is under construction

There are many reasons people apply for credit cards. Planning a big purchase? Find a 0% APR card with the longest period so you don’t have to pay it off right away. Want to travel for free? Compare cards with the best sign up bonuses or highest reward rates. Have a high balance on a card with a high interest rate? Get a card that you can transfer your balance to at a lower rate. 

The information consumers need are different depending on their circumstance. Expectations of personalized user experience are at an all-time high.


The category pages on had not been significantly updated in over 10 years. No matter what category you went to, you would see the same information for each card in a similar layout.

While the one size fits all solution was easier to update, it did not provide the best user experience. How can better personalize the information the consumer sees so they can find the right card to suit their needs?

To be continued…