Designing and developing an iOS App

As a UX designer, I’ve worked on the UX and visual design for a few different mobile apps. One of my New Year’s resolutions was to be on the other side and actually develop an app.

I immersed myself in everything I could find about developing iOS apps – books, video courses, tutorial sites, and more. The app I developed and designed was a Dribbble design inspiration app called Posterized.

Posterized was one of the first apps to use the Dribbble API and was featured on their blog. The app got over 10,000 downloads and over a 4-star review. At the time, people considered it the best Dribbble client because of its simplicity and design.

The app was eventually removed when I could no longer support it. Despite that, I was able to learn some of the challenges developers face when developing an app. It helped me collaborate with engineers. The project helped me grow as a designer and taught me what it takes to launch an app from beginning to end.