UX Design Weekly

Curating the best user experience design links every week

Every day, I read design articles on the latest trends, tools, resources, and tips. For every great article, there are twenty mediocre ones. I always wished there was one place to go to see the must-read content. Since it didn’t exist at the time, I set out to create it.

Inspired by other curated emails, I wanted one dedicated to user experience design. So in September 2014, I started UX Design Weekly. Each week, I spend a few hours reading, curating, and putting together an issue with the best UX articles, tools, resources, and more.

Today, I’ve sent over 350 issues and have over 32k subscribers. The project was voted the #1 Product on the Day on ProductHunt and has been on many best newsletter lists. Some of the biggest companies in design have sponsored the newsletter.

What keeps me going is knowing that others in the design community find it useful. Every so often, I’ll get an email from a subscriber letting me know how much they enjoy the newsletter. This side project has helped me learn new skills, keep me updated on the latest trends and fuel my passion for design. Check out and subscribe to UX Design Weekly